New Label and a sign

Let me introduce our new miso label and a sign! You might already saw it at the stores and the farmers markets. We believe that it tells you the stories and the spirits of go-en fermented foods.  

The miso label is designed by Kelly Kennedy Yokoyama, an experienced graphic designer. She also created our logo and stickers for our products, and our business card. Her sense of beauty belongs to Japanese traditions and so does her warm consideration for others. Many thanks to our friend Kelly for her beautiful job. Arigato Kelly-san!

A farmers market's sign is all handcrafted by Manon Whittlesey of Morphee Creations, an awesome local artist and she is also our neighbor at The Brunswick Winter Market, at Fort Andross. It was such a pleasure to work with her to make our first and the best sign ever. Merci beaucoup Manon!

At last, special thanks to another awesome friend Kristin Dillon of blue horse photography for the beautiful pictures on our website. She understands who we are as a dear neighbor friend and as a fresh photographer with her sharply warm viewpoint. Love you Kristin!

We are fortunate enough to have such creative friends in our local community. go-en couldn't be so loved without their help. We are grateful to have them all in our lives. Kansha.