The Makers

Mika and Nicholas Repenning.  In fall 2009, we met on a small farm in a village among the mountains outside of Kyoto, Japan.  As members of a volunteer organic farming program called WWOOF, we continued to travel throughout rural Japan experiencing the people and farm culture of Japan.  In 2011, we were guided to place our roots in Maine where our son Enishi (縁) was born. It is here that we have started to make koji and miso for ourselves and have since continued to grow outward sharing our love for Japanese culture with our friends and community. go-en fermented foods was founded in 2015 out of a passion to share the real good homemade miso with more people in Maine.

We are travelers and love exploring, foraging from wild, fermenting and having deliciousness. Three of us enjoy our lives in an idyllic landscape in Whitefield throughout the seasons.


What We Believe

Food is life, the source of the energy for our bodies. Real food has real life energy, enriching our lives and giving us strong body, healthy thoughts and wisdom. Wild food embodies the true nature of food.  Fermented food is harmony food filled with the gifts from Mother Nature utilizing the wisdom of the ancients. It is a comparatively new type of food that is necessary to survive in this modern society. Microorganisms are the key. Fermented food gives us a joy of eating with umami ( fifth sense of taste ) that is turned out by the action of microorganisms. It is full of ideas and skills for preservation and makes foods more available, digestible, and nourishing.

Healthy guts make your thoughts positive and you feel happy.  Fermented food has potential to bring billions of good microorganisms into your body for total health, bringing to our guts an invisible world. Searching in the invisible world gives us so much realizations and is unbelievably mysterious itself. We love to explore that beautiful world and feel that being healthy should be fun.  At go-en fermented foods, we wish to unlock these mysteries and create foods which are healthy and delicious while allowing us to have fun. 

As people living in this visible world, we are committed to supporting local businesses and communities.  go-en embodies all that is community.  It encompasses the ever expanding circle of connection which develops from an individual outward into a society.  Whenever possible we source ingredients local and utilize local connections to support those around us creating a circle in harmony.

Meaning of go-en 

( go of go-en is Japanese honorific prefix that is used before a noun to show respect. )

go-en ( ご縁 ) is a Japanese word about connection and relationship.  It has an interconnected holistic sense and exists in the convergence of peoples, places, and all events where each has an equal, mutual relationship. en exists in the background, it is the cause and the effect. Like a string that is woven into our lives to connect each other, en is like a spider web where each strand connects and affects the others. en is the pieces and the whole. It works on a multi-layered world, considered similar to fate but more flexible. en can be altered when we live in the present and wish.

We would like to be one of go-en which is creative and inspiring for you to open your world with go-en fermented foods. All en is inevitable for our experience and very meaningful. We wish you all the best go-en.

Our Vision


Like ripples start from a dot and spread, our go-en stretches out and connects with people and community to share the pleasure of good health.  Raise our powerful mind and body with the real food, especially for children for their bright future.

We personally hope you experience Japanese culture and spirit, and if you discovered something beautiful in it, we would be so pleased. We are here for an exchange between the differences, for one world.

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